Jumping Up

Housebreaking Problems

Destructive Chewing

General Disobedience

Recall Problems

Running Away

Food/Item Stealing

Tearing Up Garbage

Chewing Plants

Chasing/Nipping Children

Chasing Cars/Bicycles

Separation Anxiety

Excessive Barking

Thunderstorm Phobia

Jumping at Door

Submissive Urination

Refusing Set Area for Relieving Self


Car Sickness

Vet Anxiety

Aggression - Fear Biting and Dominant Aggression

Russian Dog Wizard Secret of our Success

System and Techniques are what set our company apart.
The Russian academic Pavlov was the first person to determine that dogs are creatures of habit. Good habits can be established if the dogs have the repeated opportunity to practice them. Accordingly, our system puts the dog and owner in a situation where the dog can only reinforce the good habits, which will then become your dog's new good behavior. This revolutionary system works for every dog and will work for your dog. We have discovered that any dog can learn our rules and structures in just two and a half weeks. After this training period, the good habits become your dog's permanent behavior model. Since the dog is a creature of habit, this becomes his behavior for life.

The second component of our success is our unique training technique, which Vladae initially learned from his completely mute Russian dog training mentor. This technique was reinforced and enhanced by Vladae's experience across 5 countries worldwide. He developed this technique so every dog owner could benefit from his lessons. This is the first time this technique has been introduced in the United States, and you will be amazed by its effectiveness. The uniqueness of this program has been recognized by the United States government, which has given our program patent pending status.

Training the dog from the dog's point of view and talking to the dog in the dog's language is one of the major secrets of our success. It would be hard to communicate with someone if you did not know their language, culture, system of government and societal norms. By learning these features of your dogs, you communicate with them so they know and respect how you live.


As part of the GOLD PROGRAM we are working with you and your dog:

  • In downtown areas ,dog beach and off leach in Fashion island newport beach
  • Dog parks and pet stores – off leash.
  • In retail stores (where allowed) while your dog waits patiently for you to finish shopping.
  • In coffee shops (where allowed).

The Gold program includes socialization with dogs, people, children and even cats. 

Remember, it is not just about the commands; it is about the behavior problems. The commands we teach have a therapeutic effect on your dog. In fact, most of your behavior problems will disappear on their own without having to address them individually. Why therapeutic? Because this is how your dogs’ canine mom would communicate with her offspring. It sooths, calms, and relaxes your dog, making its life worry and stress free.

With this program you will achieve a special bond with your dog that is based on trust and respect. With trust comes respect and with respect comes an obedient dog with no behavior problems, including aggression. Don’t be fooled by those who believe that trust and respect are given freely among owners and their dogs. This is not the case. Trust and respect must be earned! With this program we give you all the tools and commands needed to gain both trust and respect. As a result, we can resolve any behavior problem including aggression.


The commands you and your dog will learn OFF LEASH are:

  • “Let’s go” means you will walk your dog not your dog walking you
  • Hurry Up & Slow Walking
  • About turn
  • Turn Left/Turn Right
  • Come Command with distractions
  • Sit and Sit Stay with distractions
  • Down and Down Stay with distractions
  • Forbidden Command “Ahhhhht”
  • Boundary control and safety rules at front door
  • “Wait” Command
  • “OK” Release Command


Not interested in the Silver or Gold  programs? Can’t afford the cost of other programs? Here’s one that just may appeal to you. Our problem solver program is designed and tailored to your dogs’ specific behavior problem. One of the trainers will come into your home and spend about 2-3 hours assessing / diagnosing and working with your dog .Canine coach will show you how to apply the methods needed to cure or manage your dog and will share with you all the training tools needed to stop the unwanted behavior.



Do you have a very busy schedule between the kids’ soccer games and work? No time to train your dog? Don’t worry. Just send your dog to Vladae’s K9 Training Camp to have your dog trained by the Russian Dog Wizard, Vladae Roytapel .

Most training camp programs fail because the dog is kept in a crate or kennel all day long and only gets trained 2 times per day for 10 to 15 minutes. Then they have you come to their facility to learn how to train your dog. The secret is the dog must be trained in the environment where he lives: in your living room, kitchen, family room, etc. The dog must also respect YOU and not just the trainer. That is why we combine working in our home and then working privately with you in your home. Who else can offer this to you?

In Vladae’s K9 training camp your dog will never be bored to death sitting in a kennel for 22 hours a day when not being trained. Yes, you heard right. Your dog will actually come to live in Vladae’s home as a member of his family pack.

Imagine this.  Your dog will:

• Sleep in his bedroom
• Live in his living room
• Travel with him all around town helping him train and socialize other unruly dogs.
• Your dog is trained 24-7

Vladae will keep your dog for two weeks teaching the dog everything it would learn in the Gold Program while addressing all behavior problems. Yes, your dog will be walking off leash everywhere when he comes back to your home.


• Two in-home lessons: you will learn how to use and maintain the dogs’ training in the convenience of your own home.
• Lifetime in-home support: Vladae has pledged to come to your home and help you with any behavioral problem your having for the lifetime of the dog.

No other program comes close in comparison to this one!! So give it a try. You will not be disappointed!




​                PLEASE


SoCal Dog Training is brought to you by the World Famous Russian Dog Wizard - Vladae - Now Offering Affordable In Home Dog Training in Orange county  California.

Valdae Roytapel is an expert Southern California dog trainer of celebrity status - but well grounded in professional dog training experience and canine communication, he offersaffordable in-home dog training in Orange county California. If you are looking for an expert dog trainer in Orange county California then look no further! Vladae, the World Famous Russian Dog Wizard, speaks fluent "Dogglish" and bases alot of his effective dog training techniques to his ability to communicate directly with your dog during inhome training. Vladae is eager, since his relocation to Orange county California  from Michigan, to help train dogs in orange county and anaheim, dog training in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach and even training dogs in Irvine CA.and Aliso Viejo If you are a resident of Irvine California, Anaheim or Orange County California, Laguna Beach or Newport Beach and in need of expert dog training, then stop reading and call Vladae Russian dog wizard now. now! Vladae 

Vladae offers affordable inhome dog training in Southern California in the CA cities below!

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Establish your human authority  early in your puppy life is the key to prevent all behavior problems by nipping them in the bud and we'll teach you the secrets of communicating with your puppy, as you become a life long leader for your puppy.
This consultation consists of us coming in your home and spending  2 to 3 hours with you and your puppy.
This program is customize and exactly tailored to evaluate and take into consideration your puppies breed, age, your special situation and family history.

We will evaluate all aspects of you puppy including performing Vladae's proprietary method  "Behavioral X Ray" to determine if your puppy has behavioral problems that could be driven genetically.   

  • Where the dog lives
  • Where the dog sleeps
  • Where the dog eats and
  • Where he pees and poops
  • What they chew and
  • How they play

It will prevent a lot of your sleepless nights, chewed shoes, soiled carpet and scratches on your chairs and your hands. 
This is not just a consultation, it is also a workshop were you will get on hands training. In Europe we believe the younger the puppy the faster they learn. So you believe it or not even your 8 week puppy will learn a lot without you ever physically touching the puppy. 

  • sit and sit stay
  • down and down stay
  • Come every time you call them
  • Housebreaking ,biting and chewing  

The principles and Canine communication skills learned in this consultation are the stepping stones to having that perfect dream dog. Your puppy will respond to you as well as they were responding to their own mom. Dog training from the dogs' point of view is your guarantee for success 

     Behavior Problems?


You and your dog will have a personal coach coming to your home, to train you to the highest level of household obedience you could ever imagine.

Why is the silver program so popular? This is do to the outstanding and amazing results achieved in an unbelievable short period of time. The times spent working with your dogs is not in vain as your personal doggy coach has insure that perfect practice makes you a perfect dog trainer.

IN JUST 4 LESSONS { with unlimited time } OR A VERY SHORT 4 WEEKS In addition to our work in your home, your dog will be rehabilitated from any obedience or behavior problems and you will be taught all obedience commands necessary for the everyday life with your dog.

it is not just about the commands it is about the behavior problems. 
Does your dog excessively bark, jumping at you or visitors ,destructive Chewing,digging ,running away , have selective hearing and don't come ..What about  Chasing/Nipping Children or animals or does your dog gets aggressive ?  We Solve them  ALL:

Vladae the leading expert in dog Aggression - Fear Biting and Dominant Aggression . If you have an aggressive dog  you are truly in the best hands. 

These commands have such a therapeutic affect on your dog most of your behavior problems will disappear. Why therapeutic? Because, this is how your dogs canine mom would communicate with its offspring. It sooths, calms and relaxes your dog making his or her life worry and stress free.

Your dog will learn Home,Street andTraveling Manners.

He also will learn these important lifestyle and therapeutic commands:

  • "Lets Go" means you will walk your dog not your dog walk you
  • Hurry Up & Slow Walking
  • About turn
  • Turn Left/Turn Right
  • Come Command every time you call
  • Sit, Sit Stay every time you say
  • Down, Down Stay every where you want
  • Forbidden Command "Ahhhhht"
  • Boundary control and safety rules at front door
  • "Wait" Command
  • "OK" Release Command
  • "No Sniff" Command

Training around distractions

Every dog can be trained in the privacy of you living room. Whatever is going to work when you place the order for a pizza is not going to work when the pizza man enters your house. What about passing your crazy neighbors' dog that wants to take your dog's head off, or the squirrel suddenly passing in front of you.

Most training schools will not address these issues and if they do the solutions fall in the category of: ignore it, cross the street, avoid it, or restrain your dog but never deal with it. Are you looking for these type of solutions or do you want to learn how to enjoy your dog under real life circumstance were you have full confidence that your dog will listen to you.

Remember the best trained dog is the one that was trained around real life distractions. We don't avoid the problems or ignore your problems we face them and resolve them.

Once again this is not just about sit, stay, and down. This is about behavioral problems, and those problems will be resolved or successful managed.  We guarantee it! 

     We solve them ALL!


Life Time Phone Support!



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